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My new Russian Splendour Series

These are sample images from my quilt in progress - Russian Splendour.  I have personalised four extras for my quilt which are not included in the 200x200 or 150x150 sets.

I will let the images speak for themselves.

Cheers Elke

img-5191-3web.jpg img-5192-2web.jpg

img-5193-5web.jpg img-5194-11web.jpg

 img-5195-12web.jpg img-5197-9web.jpg

img-5196-12aweb.jpg img-5207-18web.jpg

img-5198-8web.jpg img-5199-6web.jpg

img-5201-10web.jpg img-5203-13web.jpg

img-5205-7web.jpg img-5206-4web.jpg



I have also featured four extra designs which are not supplied in the sets.  The three flowers and the four leaves are a bonus with the 200x200 set only.   

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