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Shipping & Returns


We can ship to virtually any address in the world. You will need an operational email address for delivery of transaction/shipping notifications and internet access for product delivery. 

As we use the internet for product delivery, we estimate that product delivery notification will occur within 2 hours of payment being cleared by PayPal.  If you use a spam filter our site will not be able to deliver your download link by email until you authorise same.  You will need to pre-authorise the following email address.  sales@gumnutembroideries.com    If you think your spam filter is causing you problems, you can access the Gumnut Embroideries site and download your purchased items.

Returns Policy

As our product is a digital file we offer no returns or refunds.  If you purchase an incorrect product, we regret, owing to the digital nature of the sewing files, we will not refund.  We will gladly send you a replacement embroidery file if your digital file is corrupt upon delivery.

Please note that we supply designs in VP3, PES and JEF formats only, unless otherwise stated in the product description.  Your sewing conversion software should be able to convert to your specific file format.  If you require another sewing format, or different sized hoopings, please contact us before you purchase the product, as no refunds will be given.

If you have any queries about out products please contact us before you purchase.