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Little Blossom

This is a new offering in four hoop sizes.  The pictures below show work in progress with the development of the designs and also an extra design of unique borders to enhance your quilt.  There are 18 designs in each hoop set.  The sets are available as singles and combinations.  The Border Set is now on the site and is suitable for hoop WIDTHS of 5", 6" and  8"  (130mm, 150mm, 200mm).  Given the six split designs available in the 6" and 8" width Border Sets, it is possible to select various splits and join them up to create shorter borders, tableware and centrepieces.  There are four designs in the 5" width border set which allow a versatile approach to your projects. A 100mm, 4",  wide border set is not under consideration as the sewing field is too small.

Elke has created the artwork and digitised these designs.  They are lightly filled flowers which are easily and quickly sewn out.





Sewout of a selection of designs.


This is a work-in-progress of the Border Design using the 130x180 Hoop.  The overall length is almost 38 inches, about 98 cm.  With some imagination, various sets can be selected, positioned and flipped to create new border designs, so you are not restricted to the overall length as shown above.  The WIP above consists of four designs, so, you can be creative and make other designs for your favourite project.

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