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Gumnut Embroideries is an Australian based business.  Hi, my name is Elke Maloney;  I have a great passion for machine embroidery, and back it up with many years of experience. 














I enjoyed hand embroidery from a young age (7), then as a teenager I bought my own sewing machine.  I have had opportunities to teach dressmaking, quilting and hand embroidery over the years. 

In my later years I moved on, and got "hooked" on machine embroidery in the year 2000.  I have three different brands of embroidery machines.  All three are used in testing my designs' sew-outs.   My embroidery library is slowing growing to be able to offer a diversified choice for my customers.  I enjoy making themed or story-telling quilts using my designs, displaying them around the home, at exhibitions and show-and-tells.  I have won prizes for my machine embroidery quilts.  Click here to see SOME OF MY FAVOURITES for my wall hangings.

There is a growing concern in the embroidery community that embroidery businesses are placing tracking and reporting software in their products.  I have great faith in my customers, and have not placed any hidden or surveilance type software in my design packages.  I recommend the PayPal buying process so that you can buy from my site knowing that your personal information is not being reported to me or an unknown third party.  All of my designs come with the necessary supporting documentation.


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