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Russian Splendour

I am offering these manually digitised designs in four hoop sizes. 

The designs for the 100x100 and 130x180 hoops are offered as five separate elements which can be used stand-alone, joined and manipulated to make up your own personalised corners, blocks and general embroidery sewouts.  I have made one SMALL element only for the 100mmx100mm, 4"x4" hoops, which has a final sewnout dimension of 49mx49mm, 2'x2" for those special needs.

The designs for the 150x 150 and 200x200 hoops are offered in a set of eleven blocks suitable for quilting or general sewouts.   Look in My favourites Russian Splendour for a complete WIP image set.

img-7943gp-tl-300.jpg  img-7943gp-tr-300.jpg




            img-5170crcat.jpg      img-5173crtcat.jpg  





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